Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Garden travels -Les jardins d'Evea, Maresquel

In late May we visited old friends in Lesconil-Plobannalec located in the Pays Bigouden, Finistere, in the far south west of Brittany. As soon as I turned my camera on it died as I'd forgotten to charge the battery. This also happened to my phone. I had to rely on my memories, and last year's photos (as though I could forget this view of the harbour).

Photo taken from outside the shop, which has an oyster stall on market days and displayed this copy of Liberation, which made me laugh every time I walked past.
We spent Bastille Day (14 July) weekend at a friend's house in Humeroeuille, Nord Pas de Calais. This time, the camera worked and I used it to take photos of a garden that we'd visited three years ago.

Les Jardins D'Evea is on the road between Hesdin and the lovely walled town of Montreuil Sur Mer, behind a typical suburban house with a stunning front garden. Alain and Sylvie Dautreppe the owners have created this garden in only 12 years (and 8,500 plants!). It is one of the most eccentric gardens I've visited, with surprises at every turn, like this delightful quote.

The 5 acre garden is divided into areas and 'rooms' with plants from all over the world interspersed with old furniture, statues and farm equipment creatively and artfully displayed. You may run into chickens, ducks and turkeys along the way or encounter a japanese bridge. A stream forms the boundary of the garden, a tributary of the Canche. If you are in the area, pay a visit - 5,80 euros well spent! They sell very healthy plants (I was very tempted) and have a delightful small cafe and seating area.

Friday, 5 July 2013

The pipes of broccoli

Yesterday was the first time I'd had a good look around the grounds, to see what progress has been made other than in the community garden. Outside the hall, the beds have been dug over and I discovered what had happened to the tray of broccoli seedlings I picked up from St Mungo's a few weeks ago. They seem to be thriving!

In the community garden itself, the blackcurrant bush planted last spring has produced a few berries. Watch out, Ribena... Herbs, traditional apothecary plants, fruit and vegetables all happily co-exist in this sunny open space.

These lovely dianthus are now in full bloom. They were from Lidl or Aldi, 99p specials. I don't know the name of the white, pink tipped rose although I've had a good look on the internet.

Every Thursday morning the community garden is transformed with a shade sail and tent, books and toys and guinea pigs, for the pre-walkers outdoor play session run by Limelight. The session provides sensory experiences for the little ones, and it's great to see the garden put to such good use!